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A Light for the Ages
Preserving Trinity Episcopal Church for future generations.

The beautiful sanctuary of Trinity Church Galveston has served the worship needs of our parishioners and visitors for over 150 years. To continue this crucially important mission, a sound and safe building with additional lighting and accessible entries is essential.  We also choose to honor our heritage of beautiful stained-glass windows by preserving them for their spiritual function in our sanctuary as well as their important role in the physical integrity of our masonry walls.

We believe that the most fiscally responsible way to achieve this is to raise capital funds now for this specific work, so that our annual budget can focus on the programs and ministries of our church.

Please review our capital fund brochure above to discern how you can best support the preservation of Trinity Episcopal Church Galveston for future generations.

For more information, contact the church office at 409.765.6317

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